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Taking your leave of somebody A’ fàgail cuideigin

We're goingTha sinn a' falbh

Look out for the following pieces of vocabulary in this clip.

chì mi a-rithist thu I’ll see you again

This is the informal way you use to speak to a friend or a child.

chì mi a-rithist sibh I’ll see you again

This is the formal way you use to speak to an older person, or to a group of people.

There are a number of ways to respond when someone tells you that they are leaving.

ceart ma-thà right then

mise cuideachd me too

is bochd sin that’s a pity

mu thràth! already!

chì mi sibh … I’ll see you …

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Woman A Chaluim, tha sinn a’ falbh. Calum, we’re leaving.
Man Oidhche mhath, a bhalaich. Good night, lad.
Calum Oidhche mhath. Good night.
Girl Chì mi a-rithist thu. I’ll see you again.
Woman 1 Uill, mar sin leibh. Well, goodbye.
Man/Woman 2 Mar sin leibh. Goodbye.
Woman 2 Oidhche mhath. Good night.