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Saying where you come from Ag innse cò às a tha thu

At homeAig an taigh

Look out for the following pieces of vocabulary in this clip.

on telebhisean from the television

le with

le Speaking our Language with Speaking our Language

tha mi ag ionnsachadh I am learning

tha mi fileanta I am fluent

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Mrs MacLeod Dhà, trì, ceithir, naoi, naoi, naoi, naoi. Two, three, four, nine, nine, nine, nine.
Female Staff May I have your name, please? May I have your name, please?
Mrs MacLeod Màiri-Ann’...è, Mary-Anne MacLeod. Mary-Anne ...eh, Mary-Anne MacLeod.
Female Staff Màiri-Anna NicLeòid!
Ò, co às a tha sibh?
Mary-Anne MacLeod!
Oh, where are you from?
Mrs MacLeod À Leòdhas.
Co às a tha sibh fhèin?
From Lewis.
Where are you from yourself?
Female Staff À Tiriodh. From Tiree.
Mrs MacLeod Uill, uill, uill! Well, well, well!
Female Staff Mr Mackie! Mr Mackie!
Mr Mackie Mrs MacLeod?
À, feasgar math.
Mrs MacLeod?
Ah, good afternoon
Mrs MacLeod Ò!
A bheil Gàidhlig agaibh?
Do you speak Gaelic?
Mr Mackie Tha.
Tha mi ag ionnsachadh Gàidhlig on telebhisean le Speaking Our Language.
A little.
I’m learning Gaelic from the television with Speaking Our Language.
Mrs MacLeod Uill, glè mhath. Well, very good.
Mr Mackie Ceart ma-thà.
Tapadh leibh, Mrs MacLeod.
Feasgar math.
Ok then.
Thank you, Mrs MacLeod.
Good afternoon.