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Asking for drinks Ag iarraidh deoch

What would you like? Dè tha sibh ag iarraidh?


Look out for the following pieces of vocabulary in this clip.

cupa a cup

dubh black

geal white

cupa tì a cup of tea

agus cupa cofaidh and a cup of coffee

cofaidh dubh a black coffee

cofaidh geal a white coffee

cofaidh dubh agus cofaidh geal a black coffee and white coffee

Video is playing in pop-over.

Man 1 ’S dè tha thu ris a-nochd ma-tà? And what are you up to tonight then?
Woman Ò, chan eil dad.
Dè tha sibh ag iarraidh?
Oh, nothing.
What do you want?
Man 1 Cofaidh dubh. A black coffee.
Man 2 Tì agus cofaidh dubh, mas e ur toil e. Tea and a black coffee, please.
Woman Tì agus cofaidh dubh.
Glè mhath.
Tea and a black coffee.
Very well.
Male customer È, cofaidh mas e ur toil e.
Cofaidh dubh.
Eh, coffee please.
A black coffee.
Waitress Seo.
Cofaidh dubh.
A black coffee.
Male customer Tapadh leibh. Thank you.
Female customer 1 Cupa tì, agus..cofaidh? A cup of tea and...a coffee?
Female customer 2 Aidh.
Cofaidh geal.
A white coffee.
Female customer 1 Agus cofaidh geal. And a white coffee.
Waitress Cupa tì agus cupa cofaidh. A cup of tea and a cup of coffee.