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Expressing likes/dislikes A’ toirt seachad beachd

I don't likeCha toigh leam

Expressing a dislike for something

Look out for the following pieces of vocabulary in this clip.

cha toigh leam… I don’t like …

The Lewis dialect also uses cha chaomh leam...

cha chaomh leam ... I don’t like ...

is beag orm … I detest…

Saying whether something is good or bad:

tha ... ... is...

chan eil ... ... is not ...

math good

glè mhath very good

sgoinneil great

glan great

Glan also means clean.

meadhanach math fairly good

dona bad

grod rotten

seo this

sin that

chòrd ... rium I enjoyed …

chòrd sin rium I enjoyed that

an do chòrd ... ribh? did you enjoy …?

an do chòrd sin ribh? did you enjoy that?

To speak to a child or friend you use:

an do chòrd sin riut? did you enjoy that?

chòrd, chòrd … rium yes, I enjoyed...

To reply positively, you could just say chòrd.

chòrd it was enjoyed

To reply negatively, you could just say cha do chòrd.

cha do chòrd it was not enjoyed

cha do chòrd sin rium I did not enjoy that

Video is playing in pop-over.

Woman Cha toigh leam iasgach. I don't like fishing.
Man 1 A bheil sibh ag iarraidh uisge? Do you want some water?
Woman 1 Tha, tapadh leibh. Yes, thank you.
Woman 2 Càit a bheil sibh a’ fuireach? Where do you live?
Woman 1 Peairt. Perth.
Man 1 Iain.
Iain Tapadh leibh. Thank you.
Man 1 A Chaluim, ciamar a tha Seumas? Calum, how is James?
Calum Glè mhath. Very well.
Woman 3 Seo.
Uill, cha toigh leam còcaireachd.
Well, I don’t like cooking.
Girl Cha toigh leam snàmh. I don’t like swimming.