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Conditions and their consequence Cùmhnantan agus am buaidh

If you don't put it off, you won't get any milkMura cuir thu dheth e, chan fhaigh thu bainne

Look out for the following pieces of vocabulary in this clip.

mura unless

sgleog a slap

gam milleadh spoiling them

mura h-eil ise ga iarraidh, ithidh mise e if she doesn’t want it, I will eat it

Statements beginning with mura are often used to tell people the consequences of doing or not doing something or establishing rules of behaviour.

mura suidh sibh sìos (plural/polite) if you don’t sit down

mura suidh sibh sìos, chan fhaigh sibh bracaist (plural/polite) if you don’t sit down, you won’t get breakfast

mura bi thu sàmhach, chan fhaigh thu rud sam bith if you don’t be quiet, you won’t get anything

mura biodh tusa gam milleadh if you wouldn’t spoil them

Notice that in these examples mura is followed by the form of the verb used when asking questions in the future tense. For the verb 'to be', mur h-eil or mur eil is used.

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Mother Suidhibh sìos.
Mura suidh sibh sìos chan fhaigh sibh bracaist.
Sit down.
If you don’t sit down you won’t get breakfast.
Father Leig leotha. Let them be.
Daughter Cha toigh leam hama. I don’t like bacon.
Father Nach toil? Don’t you?
Daughter Cha toil a-nis.
Chan eil e math dhut.
Not now.
It isn’t good for you.
Son Mura h-eil ise ga iarraidh, ithidh mise e. If she doesn’t want it, I’ll eat it.
Mother Mura bi thu sàmhach, chan fhaigh thu rud sam bith.
Suidh sìos.
Suidh thusa sìos cuideachd.
If you don’t be quiet, you won’t get anything.
Sit down.
You sit down too.
Daughter Cha bhi mise ag òl tì. I don’t drink tea.
Father Dè? What?
Daughter Cha bhi mi ag òl tì anns a’ mhadainn. I don’t drink tea in the morning.
Son Agus ’s fheàrr leamsa bainne na tì.
Am faigh mi bainne?
And I prefer milk to tea.
Can I get milk?
Mother Cuir dheth an rèidio, Alasdair. Put the radio off, Alasdair.
Son ’S toigh leam an t-òran sin. I like that song.
Mother Mura cuir thu dheth e, chan fhaigh thu bainne. If you don’t put it off, you won’t get milk.
Son Obh, tha mo stamag goirt.
Cha tèid agam air a dhol dhan sgoil an-diugh.
Oh dear, my stomach is sore.
I won’t be able to go to school today.
Mother Mura tèid agad air a dhol dhan sgoil, cha tèid agad air do bhracaist ithe. A bheil mi ceart? If you won’t be able to go to school, you won’t be able to eat your breakfast. Am I right?
Daughter Tha mise a’ falbh. Tha mi ag iarraidh airgead. I’m off. I want some money.
Father Seo dà not. Here’s two pounds.
Daughter Feumaidh mi còig notaichean. I need five pounds.
Father Carson? Why?
Daughter Airson mo dhìnneir, agus airson a’ bhus. For my dinner, and for the bus.
Son Feumaidh mise còig notaichean cuideachd. I need five pounds too.
Father Feumaidh tu sgleog.
Mura biodh tusa gam milleadh, cha bhiodh iad cho dona.
You need a slap.
If you didn’t spoil them, they wouldn’t be so bad.