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Greeting someone A’ cur fàilte air cuideigin

It's wet / lovely Tha i fliuch / brèagha

Greeting people

Look out for the following pieces of vocabulary in this clip.

brèagha lovely

tha i brèagha it is lovely

fliuch wet

tha i fliuch it is wet

tha i blàth it is warm

tha i fuar it is cold

... nach eil? ... isn't it?

You can agree with somebody by saying:

tha it is

tha, tha i brèagha it is, it is lovely

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Man Tha i fliuch. It’s wet.
Man Tha i fliuch. It’s wet.
Man 2 Tha. It is.
Woman 1 Halò Anna. Hello Anne.
Anna Halò.
Tha i brèagha an-diugh.
It’s lovely today.
Woman 1 Tha.
Tha i brèagha.
It’s beautiful.
Man Halò, a Chaluim.
Ciamar a tha sibh?
Hello Calum.
How are you?
Calum Glè mhath.
Tha i brèagha.
Very good.
It’s beautiful.
Man Tha. Yes.
Calum Tìoraidh. Cheerio.