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Saying where you’re going Ag innse càit a bheil thu a’ dol

I'm going to the shopTha mi a' dol dhan bhùth

Look out for the following pieces of vocabulary in this clip.

dhan … to the …

This is usually used in the context of a place that you can enter.


bùth a shop

dhan bhùth to the shop

baile a town

dhan bhaile to (the) town

an-diugh today

càit a bheil sibh a’ dol an-diugh? where are you going today?

Words like banca, bùth and baile all change after dhan. They became dhan bhanca, dhan bhùth and dhan bhaile.

After dhan, the following sounds change:

b > bh

c > ch

g > gh

m > mh

p > ph

Video is playing in pop-over.

Woman Leth-phinnt bainne. Och, tha mi a' dol dhan bhùth. Half a pint of milk. Och, I’m going to the shop.
Man Dè? What?
Woman Tha mi a' dol dhan bhùth. I’m going to the shop.
Woman Feasgar math, a Nèill. Good afternoon, Neil.
Niall Feasgar math. Good afternoon.
Woman Tha i fuar an-diugh. It’s cold today.
Niall Tha. Càit a bheil sibh a’ dol an-diugh? It is. Where are you going today?
Woman Och, tha mi a' dol dhan bhaile. Och, I’m going to the town.
Man Halò, a Chatrìona. Ciamar a tha thu? Hello, Catherine. How are you?
Catrìona Tha, glè mhath. Ciamar a tha thu fhèin? Yes, very well. How are you yourself?
Man Tha gu math. I’m well.
Catrìona Seo Màiri, Alasdair. This is Mary, Alexander.
Alasdair Halò, a Mhàiri. Hello, Mary.
Màiri Alasdair. Alexander.
Alasdair Càit a bheil sibh a’ dol? A bheil sibh ag iarraidh cofaidh? Where are you going? Do you want a coffee?
Catrìona Chan eil an-dràsta. Tha mi a’ dol dhan bhanca. Tha mi duilich. Not just now. I’m going to the bank. I’m sorry.
Alasdair Ceart ma-thà, mar sin leibh an dràsta. Right, goodbye just now.
Both Mar sin leibh. Goodbye.