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Saying where you’ve been Ag innse càit an deach thu

Where did you (singular / plural) go yesterday?Càit an deach thu / sibh an-dè?

Look out for the following pieces of vocabulary in this clip.

càit an deach thu? where did you go?

This is the informal way you use to speak to an child or a friend.

an-dè yesterday

dhan taigh-òsta to the hotel

dhan taigh-bheag to the toilet

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Female Staff Madainn mhath. Good morning.
Male Customer Madainn mhath. Good morning.
Female Staff Seo a-nis.
Ciamar a tha sibh an-diugh?
Here you are.
How are you today?
Male Customer Glè mhath, tapadh leibh. Very well, thank you.
Female Staff Càit an deach sibh an-dè? Where did you go yesterday?
Male Customer Chaidh mi dhan an Tairbeart. I went to Tarbert.
Female Staff Glè mhath.
Nise, tì no cofaidh?
Very good.
Now, tea or coffee?
Male Customer Em, tì mas e ur toil e. Em, tea please.
Female Staff Tì.
Glè mhath, ma-thà.
Very well, then.
Woman Càit an deach thu ma-thà? Where did you go then?
Woman 2 Chaidh mi dhan taigh-bheag! I went to the toilet!
Woman An-dè!
Càit an deach thu an-dè?
Where did you go yesterday?
Woman 2 Ò! Chaidh mi a Ghlaschu. Oh! I went to Glasgow.
Woman Dhan taigh-bheag! To the toilet!
Woman Càit an deach thu? Where did you go?
Man Chaidh mi dhan taigh-òsta! I went to the hotel!
Woman Dhan taigh-òsta? To the hotel?
Man Aidh.
Chaidh mi dhan taigh-bheag.
I went to the toilet.