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Talking about the family A’ bruidhinn mun teaghlach

Talking about peopleA' bruidhinn mu dhaoine

Look out for the following pieces of vocabulary in this clip.

e he

tha e a’ fuireach he lives

i she

tha i ag obair she works

clèireach a clerk

bean-taighe housewife

athair father

m’ athair my father

d’ athair your father

You run the words for mo and athair together to make m’ athair (my father). You run the words for do and athair together to make d’ athair (your father).

Mo… and do… also affect the following words in the same way.

do phiuthar your sister

mo phiuthar my sister

To talk about where your family member lives, you use the following:

tha mi a’ fuireach … I live …

tha thu a’ fuireach … you live …

tha e a’ fuireach … he lives …

the i a’ fuireach … she lives …

tha sinn a’ fuireach … we live …

tha sibh a’ fuireach … you live … (plural / polite)

tha iad a’ fuireach … they live …

To ask what jobs people have:

dè an obair a th’ aige? what job does he have?

dè an obair a th’ aice? what job does she have?

dè an obair a th’ aca? what jobs do they have?

To talk about what jobs people have you say:

’s e clèireach a th’ annam I am a clerk

’s e … a th’ ann he is

’s e … a th’ innte she is

’s e … a th’ annta they are

Video is playing in pop-over.

Woman Tha e ag obair ann an oifis ann am Pàislig.
’S e clèireach a th’ ann.
Sin mo mhàthair.
Tha i ag obair aig an taigh.
’S e bean-taighe a th’ innte.
He works in an office in Paisley.
He is a secretary.
That’s my mother.
She works at home.
She’s a house wife.
Man nise, seo mo mhàthair.
’S e nurs a th’ innte.
Tha i ag obair ann an ospadal, ach chan eil i ag obair an-diugh.
Seo m’ athair.
Tha e a' dol a-mach an-dràsta.
Tha e a' dol a dh’obair.
’S e dràibhear a th’ ann.
Dràibhear tacsaidh.
Now, this is my mother.
She’s a nurse.
She works in a hospital, but she’s not working today.
This is my dad.
He’s going out just now.
He’s going to work.
He’s a driver.
A taxi driver.
Father Feumaidh mi falbh, a ghràidh. I must go, dear.