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Discussing the home A’ bruidhinn mun taigh

It's upstairsTha e shuas an staidhre

Look out for the following pieces of vocabulary in this clip.

suas up

shuas above

shuas an staidhre upstairs, up the stairs

tha mi shuas an staidhre I am upstairs

The forms suas and sìos are used whenever movement is involved.

Other phrases you can use to say where you are:

tha mi a-staigh I am in(side)

tha mi a-muigh I am out(side)

tha mi a’ tighinn a-steach I am coming in

tha mi a’ dol a-mach I am going out

The forms a-steach and a-mach are used whenever movement is used.

Video is playing in pop-over.

Woman Gabhaibh mo leisgeul.
Càit a bheil Gairm?
Excuse me.
Where is Gairm?
Woman 2 Sin e.
Tha e shuas an staidhre.
There it is.
It’s up the stairs.
Woman À, tapadh leibh. Ah, thank you.
Woman 2 ’S e ur beatha. You’re welcome.
Mother Dè tha seo?
Càit a bheil Iain?
What’s this?
Where is John?
Daughter Iain?
Tha e shuas an staidhre.
He’s up the stairs.
Mother Ceart.
Come on!