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Discussing the home A’ bruidhinn mun taigh

It's downstairsTha e shìos an staidhre

Look out for the following pieces of vocabulary in this clip.

shìos an staidhre downstairs /down the stairs

taigh-beag toilet

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Woman Tha seo snog. This is nice.
Woman 2 Tha.
Càit a bheil an taigh-beag?
Where’s the toilet?
Woman Chan eil fhios agam. I don’t know.
Woman 2 Gabhaibh mo leisgeul.
Càit a bheil an taigh-beag?
Excuse me.
Where is the toilet?
Waitress Tha e shìos an staidhre. It’s downstairs.
Woman 2 Tapadh leibh.
Tha e shìos an staidhre.
Thank you.
It’s downstairs.
Agent Halò.
Ciamar a tha sibh an-diugh?
How are you today?
Man 2 Glè mhath, tapadh leibh. Very well, thank you.
Agent Suidhibh sìos. Sit down.
Man 2 Tapadh leibh. Thank you.
Agent Nise, seo an taigh.
An cidsin.
An rùm-suidhe.
Now, this is the house.
The kitchen.
The living room.
Man Tha sin math.
Tapadh leibh.
That’s good.
Thank you.
Agent Sin an rùm-ionnlaid.
Agus tha rùm-cadail shìos an staidhre cuideachd.
That’s the bathroom.
And there is a bedroom downstairs too.
Man Mmm, glè mhath. Hmmm, very good.