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Dealing with money A’ dèiligeadh ri airgead

Three pounds per bottleTrì notaichean am botal

Look out for the following pieces of vocabulary in this clip.

trì notaichean am botal three pounds a bottle

am botal the bottle

aon not deug £11

aon sgillinn deug 11p

dà not dheug £12

dà sgillinn dheug 12p

trì notaichean deug £13

ceithir sgillinn deug 14p

còig notaichean deug £15

sia sgillinn deug 16p

seachd notaichean deug £17

ochd sgillinn deug 18p

naoi notaichean deug £19

fichead not £20

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Woman An toigh leat Pinot Blanc? Do you like Pinot Blanc?
Man 'S toigh l'.
Trì notaichean am botal.
Three pounds a bottle.
Woman Trì notaichean!
Tha sin saor.
Three pounds!
That’s cheap.