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Arranging to go out A’ cur air dòigh a dhol a-mach

Will we go there?An tèid sinn ann?<>/span>

Look out for the following pieces of vocabulary in this clip.

an tèid sinn? will we go?

an tèid sinn ma-thà? will we go then?

an tèid sinn co-dhiù? will we go anyway?

an tèid sinn a- steach an seo? will we go in here?

thèid yes (to an tèid?)

cha tèid no (to an tèid?)

It is important to note that thèid and cha tèid is used as an affirmative or negative (will … go?) and can be used like yes or no, but only to questions beginning with an tèid…?

taigh-bìdh a restaurant

an tèid sinn … ? will we go … ?

… a-mach gu biadh? … out for a meal?

… airson deoch an toiseach? … for a drink first?

bhiodh sin math that would be good

b’ fhìor thoigh leam sin I would really like that

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Man Càit an tèid sinn ma-thà?
An tèid sinn gu biadh an toiseach?
Where will we go then?
Will we go for a meal first?
Woman A bheil taigh-bìdh faisg air seo? Is there a restaurant near here?
Man Tha taigh-bìdh dìreach aig ceann an rathaid.
Chan eil fhios agam dè seòrsa àite a th’ ann.
There’s a restaurant just at the end of the road.
I don’t know what kind of place it is.
Woman An tèid sinn ann co-dhiù? Will we go there anyway?
Man Thèid. Yes.
Man Dè do bheachd? An tèid sinn a-steach? What do you think? Will we go inside?
Woman Cha tèid.
Seall sin.
Sia notaichean deug airson stèig.
Tha sin fada ro dhaor.
Look at that.
Sixteen pounds for a steak.
That’s far too dear.
Man A shìorraidh, tha. Oh heavens, yes
Norman An toigh leat jazz? Do you like jazz?
Iain Carson? Why?
Norman Uill, tha cabaret jazz ann an Cottiers a-nochd. Well, Cottiers has cabaret jazz tonight.
Iain Càit a bheil sin? Where’s that?
Norman Rathad Hyndland.
An tèid sinn ann ma-thà?
Hyndland Road.
Will we go there then?
Iain Thèid. Yes.