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Going on holiday A’ falbh air saor-làithean

Where would you prefer to go?Càit am b' fheàrr leat a dhol?

Look out for the following pieces of vocabulary in this clip.

In this clip we meet the vocative case. This is what you use to address people.

[addressing] Catherine – a Chatrìona

[addressing] Donald – a Dhòmhnaill

For masculine names, the name lenites (where possible) and takes an i (where possible) after the final vowel:

[addressing] Seumas > a Sheumais

For feminine names, the name lenites (where possible):

[addressing] Màiri > a Mhàiri

Names which begin with a vowel cannot lenite.

Gaelic traditionally uses the vigesimal system which means that you use 20s to count instead of 10s. For example, “forty” would be “two twenty” and sixty would be “three twenty”.

trì fichead not ’s a naoi £69

ceithir fichead not ’s a naoi £89

ceud not ’s a naoi £109

dà fhichead 40

trì fichead 60

ceithir fichead 80

Numbers 12 - 39

In episode 55, we come across ways of counting money for numbers between 12 and 39. There are two methods which you will commonly hear. This table will outline them both for you:

Method 1

Method 2


dà sgillinn dheug

dusan sgillinn


sia sgillinn deug

sia sgillinn deug (no difference from method 1)


fichead sgillinn ’s a dhà

dà sgillinn air fhichead


fichead sgillinn ’s a trì

trì sgillinn air fhichead


fichead sgillinn ’s a trì deug

trì sgillinn deug air fhichead


fichead sgillinn ’s a naoi deug

naoi sgillinn deug air fhichead


dà not dheug

dusan not


fichead not ’s a dhà

dà not air fhichead


fichead not ’s a trì

trì notaichean air fhichead


fichead not ’s a trì deug

trì notaichean deug air fhichead


fichead not ’s a naoi deug

naoi notaichean deug air fhichead

Video is playing in pop-over.

Wife Seall na prìsean seo!
Tha iad cho saor.
Look at these prices!
They are so cheap!
Husband Tha iad saor gun teagamh.
Trì fichead not is naoi airson a dhol dhan Spàinn.
Abair bargan!
They are cheap without doubt.
Sixty-nine pounds to go to Spain.
What a bargain!
Wife Agus ceithir fichead not ’s a naoi airson a dhol dhan Eadailt.
Chan eil mi ga chreidsinn!
And eighty-nine pounds to go to Italy.
I don’t believe it!
Husband Tha a phrìsean sgoinneil!
Cha bu toigh leamsa dhol dhan Eadailt.
Tha a h-uile rud cho daor.
The prices are great!
I wouldn’t like to go to Italy.
Everything is so expensive.
Wife Càit am b’ fheàrr leat a dhol ma-thà, a Dhòmhnaill? Where would you prefer to go then, Donald?
Husband B’ fheàrr leamsa a dhol dhan Tuirc, a Chatrìona.
Seall air a’ phrìs sin.
Ceud not is naoi airson a dhol ann agus air ais.
’S tha an Tuirc brèagha agus saor.
Gheibh thu luach an airgid ann.
I’d prefer to go to Turkey, Catherine.
Look at that price.
A hundred and nine pounds to go there and back.
And Turkey is beautiful and cheap.
You’ll get value for money there.
Wife A bheil thu dha-rìribh airson a dhol dhan Tuirc, a Dhòmhnaill? Do you really want to go to Turkey, Donald?
Husband Ò tha, a Chatrìona. Yes, Catherine.
Wife Uill, tha is mise. Well, so do I.