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Organising a party A’ cur partaidh air dòigh

Will you manage to come? (plural / polite)An tèid agaibh air tighinn ann?

Look out for the following pieces of vocabulary in this clip.

còignear five people

sianar six people

seachdnar seven people

ochdnar eight people

an tug thu cuireadh …? did you give an invite …?

thug mi cuireadh … I gave an invite …

… do dhuine sam bith fhathast … to anyone yet

thug yes (to answer an tug …?)

cha tug no (to answer an tug …?)

thug mi cuireadh do chòignear I gave an invite to five people

bheir iadsan cuireadh do dhaoine eile they will give an invite to other people

chan eil sgillinn ruadh agam I haven’t a red cent (i.e. skint)

Video is playing in pop-over.

Student 1 Ceart ma-thà.
Cia mheud a tha a' tighinn?
Right then.
How many are coming?
Student 2 Uill, thug mi cuireadh do chòignear.
Ailean, Dòmhnall, Marsaili, Seòras agus Catrìona.
Well, I gave an invite to five people.
Alan, Donald, Marsaili, George and Catriona.
Student 1 Còignear?
Chan eil sin mòran.
Five people?
That’s not many.
Student 2 Chan eil.
Ach bheir iadsan cuireadh do dhaoine eile, agus tha seachdnar de chlas agam a thig ann.
Jennifer, Catherine-Anna, Guirdeep, Steven, Fiona agus Alasdair.
But they will invite other people, and there are seven from my class that will come.
Jennifer, Catherine-Anna, Guirdeep, Steven, Fiona and Alasdair.
Student 1 An tug thu cuireadh dhaibh fhathast? Have you given them an invite yet?
Student 2 Cha tug, ach bheir.
A bheil thu fhèin dol a thoirt cuireadh do dhuine sam bith?
No, but I will.
Are you going to give an invite anyone yourself?
Student 1 Tha.
Tha sianar anns an taigh agam co-dhiù, agus tha ochdnar air a’ chlas agam.
There are six people in my house anyway, and eight in my class.
Student 2 Dè an uair a tha e?
Bidh Harris a’ dùnadh, feumaidh sinn deoch a cheannach.
What time is it?
Harris will be closing, we need to buy drink.
Student 1 Chan fheum.
Bheir a h-uile duine deoch leotha.
Chan urrainn dhomhsa sin a cheannach airson fichead duine co-dhiù.
Chan eil sgillinn ruadh agam.
Everyone will bring drink with them.
I can’t buy that for twenty people anyway.
I’m skint.
Student 2 Uill, faodaidh tu deoch a cheannach dhomhsa.
An t-uisge-beatha as fheàrr a th’ aca.
Well, you can buy a drink for me.
The best whisky that they have.