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Painting and papering A’ peantadh agus a’ pàipearachadh

I came because...Thàinig mi a chionn 's gun robh...

Look out for the following pieces of vocabulary in this clip.

as brèagha loveliest

spaideil elegant

a chionn ’s because

peant paint

an taigh as brèagha the loveliest house

feumaidh sinn an taigh a pheantadh we need to paint the house

a chionn ’s gu bheil e grànda as it is ugly

a chionn ’s gun robh sinn airson taigh spaideil fhaicinn because we wanted to see a posh house

To say because you can use a chionn ’s followed by gu, gun, gum or nach form of the verb.

Video is playing in pop-over.

Wife Siud an taigh as brèagha a chunnaic mi riamh.
B’ fheàrr leam gun robh an taigh againne cho snog ri siud.
Feumaidh sinn an taigh a pheantadh.
That’s the most beautiful house that I’ve ever seen.
I wish that our house was as nice as that.
We need to paint the house.
Husband Chaidh a pheantadh an-uiridh.
Carson a tha thu airson a pheantadh a-rithist?
It was painted last year.
Why do you want to paint it again?
Wife Tha mi airson a pheantadh a-rithist a chionn ’s gu bheil e grànda.
Co-dhiù, cha deach an rùm-suidhe a dhèanamh idir.
Ma pheantas sinn an rùm-suidhe, bidh mise toilichte.
I want to paint it again because it’s ugly.
Anyway, the living room wasn’t done at all.
If we paint the living room, I will be happy.
Husband Ma pheantas mise an rùm-suidhe, tha thu a’ ciallachadh. If I paint the living room, you mean.
Wife Nì mise beagan cuideachd, ma thèid agam air. I’ll do a bit too, if I can manage.
Husband Chan eil fhios agam carson a thàinig sinn an seo co-dhiù. I don’t know why we came here anyway.
Wife Thàinig a chionn ’s gun robh sinn airson taigh spaideal fhaicinn.
Ach fuirich thusa, bidh an taigh againn fhèin cho spaideal ris fhathast. Tiugainn.
We came because we wanted to see a posh house.
But just you wait. Our own house will be as posh as it yet. Come on.
Husband Càite? Where?
Wife Tha sinn a’ dol dha na bùithean. Feuch a bheil peant is pàipear snog aca. We are going to the shops. See if they have some nice paint and paper.